Program: create a dramatic city residence for the wife of an Internet entrepreneur who entertains frequently.

“Picture this,” we said, setting the stage, “a dramatic open 75’ interior vista, a moveable glass wall, multi-level floating illuminated ceilings, a Ferrari red and polished stainless custom kitchen by Snaidero, and touches of wenge wood highlights contrasting with the ‘marbleized’ polished concrete floors. Oversized stone tiles in the ensuite; and colors themed to the surrounding mountains and the water of the harbour 38 stories below.”


Skyloft at Night
Skyloft Skyloft KitchenSkyloft Ensuite

Skyloft Skyloft Master Bedroom

The clients were ecstatic at the end of the initial six hour presentation, and pleased that they could move well beyond the traditional. Realizing a good thing, they added; “Okay, and we’d also like two fireplaces, a work space overlooking the City, and a home theatre multimedia environment controlled from our bed.” So we designed a floating platform bed with curved library wall to support the theatre and establish the boundary between personal and social space.

The result is three perfectly integrated fireplaces with Fireslate and brushed stainless steel, a 108” movie screen that glides silently out of the dropped ceiling, a Faroudja projector flying above the curved “library” wall, surround sound with speaker grilles displaying custom artwork set into a red Alcantara backdrop (selected both for the rich color and acoustic enrichment). When the “theatre” is closed the antique Oriental screen over the fireplace is enjoyed. A complete electronic home management system was custom designed, controlled from handheld remotes. Work is facilitated from the curvaceous glass desk wrapped around an aluminum clad structural column.

“This is cutting-edge design for Vancouver” says the client, “it’s more Milano style! And even after nine months in the Skyloft, we find the drama surprising us everyday; and yet it is still so relaxing and comfortable. Relaxing drama—that’s a new one.”